Collaborating with a mix of national and international experts from the private sector, the private sector-led Producer Responsibility Organization (PRO) on electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) in Nigeria and Government of Nigeria established levy system to collect fee for collection and recycling from EEE producers and importers to cover the cost of PRO in Nigeria’s operation, collection, recycling and environmentally-sound disposal of e-waste based on Nigeria’s local context as well as international best practices and lessons brought from other existing EPR systems across the globe.

The project connects and operationalizes pre-existing elements of a multi-stakeholder Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system in Nigeria, which is an innovative policy and financial instrument that requires manufacturers, importers, and retailers of electronic products to be physically and financially responsible for the waste management of their products, and developed the Guidance for EPR implementation based on an international best practices.

With strong collaboration with international and local stakeholders, the project is helping to design and operate a financially self-sustaining circular economy approach for electronic products in Nigeria defining a different role to play in different government agencies, and to develop global model to find solution for electronic waste and promote circular economy in developing countries based on experience in Nigeria.


Finding Solutions for Electronic Waste with the Private Sector and Multi-Stakeholders Engagement