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C.46 Work Program Submitted for Council Approval

GEF Trust Fund/Multi Trust Fund Program/Project Proposals submitted for Council Approval (39)

GEF ID CountryGEF AgencyProject TitleFocal Areas
5777NigeriaUnited Nations Development ProgrammePreparation of Third National Communication (TNC) to the UNFCCC and Capacity Strengthening on Climate ChangeClimate Change
5768RegionalFood and Agriculture OrganizationEnabling Transboundary Cooperation for Sustainable Management of the Indonesian Seas International Waters
5765RegionalWorld Wildlife Fund - US ChapterIntegrated Transboundary Ridges-to-Reef Management of the Mesoamerican ReefInternational Waters
5764IndonesiaInternational Fund for Agricultural DevelopmentSustainable Management of Peatland Ecosystems in Indonesia (SMPEI)Multi Focal Area
5760BrazilInter-American Development BankCapacity Building and Institutional Strengthening on the National Framework for Access and Benefit Sharing under the Nagoya ProtocolBiodiversity
5759IndonesiaFood and Agriculture OrganizationMainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use into Inland Fisheries Practices in Freshwater Ecosystems of High Conservation Value (IFish)Biodiversity
5755BoliviaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSustainable Management of Forest Ecosystems in Amazonia by Indigenous and Local Communities to Generate Multiple Environmental and Social BenefitsMulti Focal Area
5754RegionalInter-American Development BankIDB-GEF Climate-Smart Agriculture Fund for Latin America and the Caribbean (PROGRAM)Multi Focal Area
5753RegionalUnited Nations Development ProgrammeRealizing the Inclusive and Sustainable Development in the BCLME Region through the Improved Ocean Governance and the Integrated Management of Ocean use and Marine Resources. Short Title – Improving Ocean Governance and Integrated Management in the...International Waters
5752BeninUnited Nations Development ProgrammePromotion of Sustainable Biomass-based Electricity Generation in BeninMulti Focal Area
5749El SalvadorUnited Nations Development ProgrammeConservation, Sustainable Use of Biodiversity, and Maintenance of Ecosystem Services in Protected Wetlands of International ImportanceBiodiversity
5748RegionalUnited Nations Development ProgrammeIntegrated Water Resources Management in the Titicaca-Desaguadero-Poopo-Salar de Coipasa (TDPS) SystemInternational Waters
5745NigeriaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSustainable Fuelwood Management in NigeriaMulti Focal Area
5742LesothoUnited Nations Development ProgrammeDevelopment of Cornerstone Public Policies and Institutional Capacities to Accelerate Sustainable Energy for All (SE4A) ProgressClimate Change
5738MexicoUnited Nations Development ProgrammeStrengthening of National Capacities for the Implementation of the Nagoya Protocolon Access to Genetic Resources and the Fair and Equitable Sharing of Benefits Arising from their Utilization to the Convention on Biological DiversityBiodiversity
5736GlobalUnited Nations Development ProgrammeGEF SGP Fifth Operational Phase - Implementing the Program Using STAR Resources IIIMulti Focal Area
5735GlobalConservation InternationalEffectively Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation into Government Policy and Private Sector Practice Piloting Sustainability Models to Take the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF) to ScaleBiodiversity
5734ArgentinaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSustainable Business Models for Biogas Production from Organic Municipal Solid WasteClimate Change
5733Trinidad and TobagoInter-American Development BankImproving Energy Efficiency in the Social Housing Sector Climate Change
5732TurkeyUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSustainable Energy Financing Mechanism for Solar PV in Forest Villages in TurkeyClimate Change
5731GlobalUnited Nations Development ProgrammeStrengthening Human Resources, Legal Frameworks and Institutional Capacities to Implement the Nagoya ProtocolBiodiversity
5730GlobalUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeMainstreaming Biodiversity Information into the Heart of Government Decision MakingBiodiversity
5729GlobalUnited Nations Development ProgrammeGEF International Waters Learning Exchange and Resources Network IW LEARNInternational Waters
5728ChinaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeAccelerating the Development and Commercialization of Fuel Cell Vehicles in ChinaClimate Change
5727ThailandUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationReduction of GHG Emission in Thai Industries through Promoting Investments of the Production and Usage of Solid Bio-fuelClimate Change
5724GlobalFood and Agriculture OrganizationParticipatory Assessment of Land Degradation and Sustainable Land Management in Grassland and Pastoral Systems Land Degradation
5720Sri LankaFood and Agriculture OrganizationImplementation of the National Biosafety Framework in Accordance with the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety (CPB)Biodiversity
5719AngolaUnited Nations Development ProgrammePromotion of Sustainable Charcoal in Angola through a Value Chain ApproachClimate Change
5717PhilippinesUnited Nations Development ProgrammePromotion of Low Carbon Urban Transport Systems in the Philippines Climate Change
5704South AfricaUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationPromoting Organic Waste-to-Energy and other Low-carbon Technologies in Small and Medium-scale Enterprises (SMMEs): Accelarating Biogas Market DevelopmentClimate Change
5688GlobalUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeUNEP-GEF Project for Sustainable Capacity Building for Effective Participation in the Biosafety Clearing House (BCH)Biodiversity
5680ColombiaInter-American Development BankConsolidation of the National System of Protected Areas(SINAP) at National and Regional Levels.Biodiversity
5657TurkeyFood and Agriculture OrganizationConservation and Sustainable Management of Turkey's Steppe EcosystemsBiodiversity
5563AlgeriaThe World BankAlgeria Energy Efficiency Project Climate Change
5561ChinaThe World BankGEF Mainstreaming Integrated Water and Environment Management International Waters
5538RegionalUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeImplementing the Strategic Action Programme for the South China SeaInternational Waters
5516MozambiqueFood and Agriculture OrganizationPayment for Ecosystem Services to Support Forest Conservation and Sustainable LivelihoodsMulti Focal Area
5487RegionalAfrican Development BankIntegrated Development for Increased Rural Climate Resilience in the Niger BasinMulti Focal Area
5283RegionalUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeMulti-Country Project to Strengthen Institutional Capacity on LMO Testing in Support of National Decision-makingBiodiversity

GEF Trust Fund/Multi Trust Fund Projects submitted under Programmatic Approaches (0)