GEF 13th Council Meeting

Joint Summary

Joint Summary
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.13/JointSummary Joint Summary of the Chairs PDF icon English, PDF icon French, PDF icon Spanish

Working Documents

Working Documents
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.13/01/Rev.01 Provisional Agenda PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/02 Annotated Provisional Agenda PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/03 Expanded Opportunities for Executing Agencies: Recent Efforts and Current Proposals to Expand Opportunities for Regional Development Banks PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/04 Integrating GEF-related Global Environmental Objectives into UNDP Managed Programmes and Operations PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/05 Action Plan on Complementarity Between the Activities Undertaken by UNEP under the GEF and its Programme of Work PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/06 World Bank Group Environment Strategy and Mainstreaming the Global Environment: Status Report PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/07 Note on Incremental Costs PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/08 Work Program PDF icon English, PDF icon Annexes
GEF/C.13/09 Strategic Partnerships with GEF Implementing Agencies PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/10 GEF Corporate Budget FY00 PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/11 Proposal for a Fee-based System for Funding GEF Project Implementation PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/12 Relations with Conventions PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/13 Constituencies and Assistance for Country Level Coordination PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/14 Elements for a GEF Operational Program on Carbon Sequestration PDF icon English

Information Documents

Information Documents
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.13/Inf.01/Rev.02 Provisional List of Documents PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/Inf.02 GEF Council Members, Alternates And Constituencies PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/Inf.03/Rev.01 Status of Commitments and Pledges to GEF Trust Fund PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/Inf.04 Report on Progress Made in Implementing the GEF Small Grants Programme PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/Inf.05 Engaging the Private Sector in GEF Activities PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/Inf.06 Conclusions of the GEF Heads of Agencies Meeting PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/Inf.07 GEF Pipelines of the Implementing Agencies PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/Inf.08 Draft Operational Program Number 11: Promoting Sustainable Transport PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/Inf.09 Monitoring and Evaluation Program PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/Inf.10 Progress Report on Actions to Implement the Recommendations of the Study of GEF's Overall Performance and the Policy Recommendations for the Second Replenishment Period PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/Inf.11 Report of the STAP Brainstorming on Integrating Science and Technology into GEF Work PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/Inf.12 Report of the STAP Workshop on Integrating Science and Technology into GEF Operations PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/Inf.13 Report of the Second Meeting of the STAP II PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/Inf.14 Note on Issues Related to Intellectual Property Rights PDF icon English

Miscellaneous Papers

Miscellaneous Papers
Number Title Document Summary Documents
GEF/C.13/Misc.01 Council Briefing List PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/Misc.02 Notification of GEF Council Meeting PDF icon English
GEF/C.13/Misc.03 Notes on Agenda Item No. 9 (Work Program) PDF icon English
May 5, 1999 to May 7, 1999