Panoramic view of the Dniester river

Protecting and valuing water across borders yields many benefits

This year’s World Water Day is focused on valuing water and illustrating how water means different things to different people. Indeed, there is a constant running through the Global Environment Facility’s three decades of work in geographies around the world: water is fundamental to all of the…
Panorama of Big Almaty Lake on Sunny summer day, Kazakhstan

High stakes at high altitudes: glaciers and the case for integrated climate and water action

Being from Denmark - a small, cold, and wet Nordic country that is barely above sea-level - I was sensitized early to the connections between climate conditions and water, from the power of coastal storms to the importance of flood controls. What I have learned since, as an international waters…
Lemon shark pup in mangroves, Bahamas

Why coastal ecosystems protection is on our to-do list

More than a thousand years ago, the Vikings lived and died by the sea while often taking to the oceans in specially designed wooden ships and sailing for the unknown. They dreamt of plunder, stories to entertain the long winter nights, and not least of new trading posts and farm-land, far…
Hand putting nitrogen pellets on small plants

Using the power of collaboration to tackle the global nitrogen challenge

My great-great grandfather was an innovative farmer. Working the sandy soils of North West Denmark, he was still able to produce a plentiful harvest of wheat and vegetables. The secret behind his success laid in the farming practices he used on his land. Instead of animal manure or crop rotation…

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