The Global Environment Facility is the largest and most experienced multilateral fund dedicated to addressing climate change and threats to nature around the world. The two climate change adaptation funds it manages - the Least Developed Countries Fund (LDCF) and Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF) - are uniquely focused on helping vulnerable countries prepare for and cope with the impacts of a warming planet.

Over the coming four years, the GEF will be deploying funds from a record replenishment to enable developing countries to invest in climate change mitigation and adaptation, alongside other environmental challenges.

The GEF and its partners will work in an integrated way to address land degradation, improve chemical and waste management, support sustainable forests, fight biodiversity loss, and ease pressures on the ocean, while supporting nature-based solutions that can slow and reduce the impacts of climate change. Over the next four years, the GEF will also seek to catalyze additional public and private finance and to scale up needed climate investment and help ease other pressures on our planet.

This publication presents the range of the GEF’s work in climate change mitigation and adaptation, including efforts to support clean energy, healthy oceans, and sustainable cities, food, and forests. It also provides an overview of GEF investments in climate resilience for the most vulnerable people and countries, in nature-based solutions, and in transparency and reporting, in partnership with the private sector.

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