GEF Trust Fund/Multi Trust Fund Program/Project Proposals submitted for Council Approval (27)

GEF ID Country Agencies Title Focal Areas
664 Venezuela The World Bank Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Llanos Ecoregion Biodiversity
661 Suriname United Nations Development Programme Conservation of Globally Significant Forest Ecosystems in Suriname’s Guayana Shield Biodiversity
658 Slovenia United Nations Development Programme Removing Barriers to the Increased Use of Biomass as an Energy Source Climate Change
657 Slovak Republic The World Bank Chemosvit Cogeneration Project Climate Change
655 Russian Federation The World Bank Ozone Depleting Substance Consumption Phase-out Project : Tranche III - Small Grant Program (SGP) - Residual ODS Phase Out Management Component Chemicals and Waste
654 Poland The World Bank Zakopane/Podhale Geothermal District Heating and Environment Project Climate Change
653 Philippines The World Bank Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Conservation in Mindanao Biodiversity
652 Philippines The World Bank, International Finance Corporation CEPALCO Distributed Generation PV Power Plant Climate Change
651 Peru The World Bank Indigenous Management of Protected Areas in the Amazon Biodiversity
648 Mozambique The World Bank Coastal and Marine Biodiversity Management Project Biodiversity
647 Morocco The World Bank Integrated Solar Combined Cycle Power Plant (formerly Solar Based Thermal Power Plant) Climate Change
646 Morocco United Nations Development Programme Market Development for Solar Water Heaters Climate Change
643 Mexico The World Bank Renewable Energy for Agriculture Climate Change
642 Malaysia United Nations Development Programme Conservation and Sustainable Use of Tropical Peat Swamp Forests and Associated Wetland Ecosystems Biodiversity
641 Malawi United Nations Development Programme Barrier Removal to Renewable Energy Programme Climate Change
640 Malawi The World Bank Mulanje Mountain Biodiversity Conservation Project Biodiversity
636 Lebanon United Nations Development Programme Barrier Removal for Cross Sectoral Energy Efficiency Climate Change
634 India United Nations Development Programme Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve's Coastal Biodiversity Biodiversity
633 Georgia The World Bank Agricultural Research, Extension, Training (ARET) Project International Waters
631 Ethiopia The World Bank Conservation and Sustainable Use of Medicinal Plants Biodiversity
626 Cote d'Ivoire The World Bank National Protected Area Management Program Biodiversity
622 China United Nations Development Programme Energy Conservation and GHG Emission Reduction in Chinese Township and Village Enterprises (TVE), Phase II Climate Change
621 Cambodia The World Bank Biodiversity and Protected Area Management Pilot Project for the Virachey National Park Biodiversity
620 Bolivia The World Bank Sustainability of the National System of Protected Areas Biodiversity
615 Regional The World Bank Mekong River Basin Water Utilization Project International Waters
614 Regional United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Environment Programme Demonstrations of Innovative Approaches to the Rehabilitation of Heavily Contaminated Bays in the Wider Caribbean International Waters
610 Global United Nations Development Programme Removal of Barriers to the Effective Implementation of Ballast Water Control and Management Measures in Developing Countries International Waters