C.17 Work Program Submitted for Council Approval

GEF Trust Fund/Multi Trust Fund Program/Project Proposals submitted for Council Approval (12)

GEF ID CountryGEF AgencyProject TitleFocal Areas
948LithuaniaThe World BankVilnius Heat Demand Management ProjectClimate Change
947RegionalThe World BankIntegrated Silvo-Pastoral Approaches to Ecosystem ManagementMulti Focal Area
946CambodiaThe World BankRural Electrification and TransmissionClimate Change
945EcuadorThe World BankNational Protected Areas SystemBiodiversity
944CroatiaThe World BankEnergy Efficiency ProjectClimate Change
942NigeriaThe World BankLocal Empowerment and Environmental Management Project - Micro Watershed and Environmental Management ProjectBiodiversity
935NamibiaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeBarrier Removal to Namibian Renewable Energy Programme, Phase IClimate Change
933SenegalUnited Nations Development ProgrammeIntegrated Ecosystem Management in Four Representative Landscapes of Senegal, Tranche 1Multi Focal Area
928IndiaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeConservation and Sustainable Management of Dryland Biodiversity, Phase 1Biodiversity
924RegionalThe World BankBalkans Energy Efficiency Program (BEEP)Climate Change
920GlobalUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeTechnology Transfer Networks, Phase 1Multi Focal Area
1016GlobalUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeDevelopment of National Implementation Plans for the Management of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs)Persistent Organic Pollutants

GEF Trust Fund/Multi Trust Fund Projects submitted under Programmatic Approaches (1)