GEF Trust Fund/Multi Trust Fund Program/Project Proposals submitted for Council Approval (40)

GEF ID Country Agencies Title Focal Areas
3883 Morocco United Nations Industrial Development Organization Safe PCB Management Programme in Morocco, Pillar II Chemicals and Waste
3470 India The World Bank SLEM/CPP: Sustainable Rural Livelihood Security through Innovations in Land and Ecosystem Management Biodiversity, Climate Change, Land Degradation
3469 India United Nations Development Programme SLEM/CPP: Sustainable Land Management in Shifting Cultivation Areas of Nagaland for Ecological and Livelihood Security Biodiversity, Land Degradation
3465 China United Nations Development Programme CBPF: Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Headwaters of the Huaihe River Basin Biodiversity
3450 Iran Food and Agriculture Organization SFM Rehabilitation of Forest Landscapes and Degraded Land with Particular Attention to Saline Soils and Areas Prone to Wind Erosion Biodiversity, Land Degradation
3449 Global United Nations Environment Programme, The World Bank SFM: Carbon Benefits Project (CBP): Modeling, Measurement and Monitoring Biodiversity, Climate Change, Land Degradation
3448 Mongolia The World Bank SFM: Revitalization of Mongolia's Protected Areas through Effective Forest Management of Bogd Khan Uul Biodiversity
3443 Indonesia United Nations Development Programme SFM Strengthening Community Based Forest and Watershed Management (SCBFWM) Biodiversity, Land Degradation
3428 Tanzania United Nations Development Programme SFM Extending the Coastal Forests Protected Area Subsystem Biodiversity
3359 Thailand United Nations Development Programme Promoting Renewable Energy in Mae Hong Son Province Climate Change
3305 Regional United Nations Development Programme Implementation of the Benguela Current LME Action Program for Restoring Depleted Fisheries and Reducing Coastal Resources Degradation International Waters
3296 Indonesia The World Bank Geothermal Power Generation Development Program Climate Change
3279 Indonesia Asian Development Bank Citarum Watershed Management and Biodiversity Conservation Project Biodiversity
3270 Mexico United Nations Development Programme Environmentally Sound Management and Destruction of PCBs Chemicals and Waste, Chemicals and Waste
3267 Yemen The World Bank MENARID: Adaptation to Climate Change Using Agrobiodiversity Resources in the Rainfed Highlands of Yemen Climate Change
3266 Ecuador Food and Agriculture Organization, The World Bank Management of Chimborazo's Natural Resources Biodiversity
3241 India The World Bank, United Nations Development Programme Sustainable Urban Transport Project Climate Change
3105 Viet Nam United Nations Development Programme, Food and Agriculture Organization Building Capacity to Eliminate POPs Pesticides Stockpiles Chemicals and Waste
3100 China United Nations Development Programme Enabling China to Prepare Its Second National Communications to UNFCCC Climate Change
3091 China United Nations Development Programme Market Transformation of Energy-Efficient Bricks and Rural Buildings (MTEBRB) Climate Change
3082 Morocco United Nations Development Programme Safe Management and Disposal of PCBs, Pillar I Chemicals and Waste
2995 Tunisia The World Bank Demonstrating and Promoting Best Techniques and Practices for Managing Healthcare Waste and PCBs Chemicals and Waste
2952 China The World Bank Thermal Power Efficiency Climate Change
2935 Indonesia United Nations Development Programme Micro-turbine Cogeneration Technology Application Project (MCTAP) Climate Change
2934 Brazil United Nations Development Programme SFM Catalyzing the Contribution of Indigenous Lands to the Conservation of Brazil's Forest Ecosystems Biodiversity
2787 China Asian Development Bank CBPF: Shaanxi Qinling Mountains Integrated Ecosystem Development Biodiversity
2785 Ghana United Nations Development Programme Capacity Building for PCB Elimination Chemicals and Waste
2772 Chile United Nations Development Programme Building a Comprehensive National Protected Areas System: A Financial and Operational Framework Biodiversity
2765 Brazil The World Bank Espirito Santo Biodiversity and Watershed Conservation and Restoration Project Biodiversity
2751 Regional International Fund for Agricultural Development SFM Rehabilitation and Sustainable Use of Peatland Forests in South-East Asia Biodiversity, Climate Change, Land Degradation
2693 Peru The World Bank Strengthening Biodiversity Conservation through the National Protected Areas Program Biodiversity
2690 Paraguay The World Bank SFM Improving the Conservation of Biodiversity in Atlantic Forest of Eastern Paraguay Biodiversity, Land Degradation
2463 Russian Federation United Nations Environment Programme Building the Capacity of the Russian Federation to Implement the Stockholm Convention on POPs and Develop a National Implementation Plan Chemicals and Waste
2450 Brazil The World Bank Rio Grande Do Sul Biodiversity Conservation Biodiversity
2435 China United Nations Development Programme CBPF: Priority Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Development to Implement the China Biodiversity Partnership and Framework for Action Biodiversity
2364 Regional United Nations Environment Programme Integrated and Sustainable Management of Transboundary Water Resources in the Amazon River Basin Considering Climate Variability and Climate Change Climate Change, International Waters
2035 Russian Federation United Nations Development Programme SFM Strengthening Protected Area System of the Komi Republic to Conserve Virgin Forest Biodiversity in the Pechora River Headwaters Region Biodiversity
1902 Regional United Nations Environment Programme Development and Application of Decision-support Tools to Conserve and Sustainably use Genetic Diversity in Indigenous Livestock and Wild Relatives Biodiversity
1032 Regional United Nations Development Programme Sustainable Management of the Shared Marine Resources of the Caribbean Large Marine Ecosystem (CLME) and Adjacent Regions International Waters
1027 Ukraine United Nations Development Programme Strengthening Governance and Financial Sustainability of the National Protected Area System Biodiversity