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C.53 Work Program Submitted for Council Approval

GEF Trust Fund/Multi Trust Fund Program/Project Proposals submitted for Council Approval (83)

GEF ID CountryGEF AgencyProject TitleFocal Areas
9919RegionalUnited Nations Development ProgrammeImplementation of the SAP of the Dinaric Karst Aquifer System: Improving Groundwater Governance and Sustainability of Related Ecosystems International Waters
9917MicronesiaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSafeguarding Biodiversity From Invasive Alien Species in the Federated States of MicronesiaBiodiversity
9914GlobalInternational Union for Conservation of NatureCPIC Conservation Finance Initiative - Scaling up and Demonstrating the Value of Blended Finance in ConservationMulti Focal Area
9913BangladeshUnited Nations Development ProgrammeImplementing Ecosystem-based Management in Ecologically Critical Areas in BangladeshBiodiversity
9912RegionalUnited Nations Development ProgrammeEnhancing Conjunctive Management of Surface and Groundwater Resources in Selected Transboundary Aquifers: Case Study for Selected Shared Groundwater Bodies in the Nile Basin International Waters
9911RegionalUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeStrengthening of the Enabling Environment, Ecosystem-based Management and Governance to Support Implementation of the Strategic Action Programme of the Guinea Current Large Marine EcosystemInternational Waters
9906RegionalThe World BankWest Africa Coastal Areas Resilience Investment ProjectMulti Focal Area
9905KiribatiUnited Nations Development ProgrammePromoting Outer Island Development through the Integrated Energy Roadmap (POIDIER)Climate Change
9903Sierra LeoneUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSustainable and Integrated landscape management of the Western Area Peninsula Multi Focal Area
9890MyanmarUnited Nations Development ProgrammeMyanmar Rural Renewable Energy Development ProgrammeClimate Change
9886RegionalThe World BankEconomic Growth and Water Security in the Sahel through Improved Groundwater GovernanceInternational Waters
9880FijiFood and Agriculture OrganizationCommunity-based Integrated Natural Resource Management Project Multi Focal Area
9862JamaicaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeConserving Biodiversity and Reducing Land Degradation Using an Integrated Landscape ApproachMulti Focal Area
9857GlobalUnited Nations Development ProgrammeGEF SGP Sixth Operational Phase- Strategic Implementation using STAR Resources, Tranche 2 (Part IV)Multi Focal Area
9847VanuatuInternational Union for Conservation of NatureExpanding Conservation Areas Reach and Effectiveness(ECARE) in VanuatuBiodiversity
9846Solomon IslandsInternational Union for Conservation of NatureEREPA - Ensuring Resilient Ecosystems and Representative Protected Areas in the Solomon IslandsMulti Focal Area
9830MyanmarUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationClimate Change Mitigation through Methane Recovery and Reuse from Industrial Wastewater TreatmentClimate Change
9810AngolaUnited Nations Development ProgrammePromoting Sustainable Energy Access for Rural Communities in South-Eastern AngolaClimate Change
9806AlgeriaFood and Agriculture OrganizationRehabilitation and Integrated Sustainable Development of Algerian Cork Oak Forest Production LandscapesMulti Focal Area
9802Congo DRUnited Nations Environment ProgrammePromoting the Effective Management of Salonga National Park through Creation of Community Forests and Improving the Well-being of Local CommunitiesBiodiversity
9801RegionalWorld Wildlife Fund - US ChapterDanube River Basin Hydromorphology and River Restoration (DYNA)International Waters
9799LesothoUnited Nations Development ProgrammePromoting Conservation, Sustainable Utilization and Fair and Equitable Benefit-sharing from Lesotho's Medicinal and Ornamental Plants for Improved livelihoodsBiodiversity
9798AngolaFood and Agriculture OrganizationSustainable Land Management in Target Landscapes in Angola’s Southwestern RegionLand Degradation
9796BelizeUnited Nations Development ProgrammeIntegrated Management of Production Landscapes to Deliver Multiple Global Environmental BenefitsMulti Focal Area
9793MadagascarUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeConservation and Improvement of Ecosystem Services for the Atsinanana Region through Agroecology and the Promotion of Sustainable Energy Production Multi Focal Area
9791BahamasUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeMeeting the Challenge of 2020 in The Bahamas Multi Focal Area
9789Trinidad and TobagoUnited Nations Development ProgrammeEnergy Efficiency through the Development of Low-carbon RAC Technologies in Trinidad and TobagoClimate Change
9788KazakhstanUnited Nations Development ProgrammeHCFC Phase-out in Kazakhstan through Promotion of Zero ODS Low GWP Energy Efficient TechnologiesChemicals and Waste
9787Solomon IslandsUnited Nations Development ProgrammeStimulating Progress towards Improved Rural Electrification in the Solomons (SPIRES)Climate Change
9785St. Kitts And NevisUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeImproving Environmental Management through Sustainable Land Management in St. Kitts and NevisMulti Focal Area
9783GuineaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeIntegrated management of natural resources in the Bafing Faleme landscapeMulti Focal Area
9781CambodiaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeIntegrated Natural Resource Management (INRM) in the Productive, Natural and Forested Landscape of Northern Region of Cambodia Multi Focal Area
9777HaitiUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSustainable Management of Wooded Production Landscapes for Biodiversity Conservation Multi Focal Area
9772GambiaUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeLandscape Planning and Restoration to Improve Ecosystem Services, and Livelihoods, Expand and Effectively Manage Protected AreasMulti Focal Area
9770RegionalUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeImplementation of the Strategic Action Programme to Ensure Integrated and Sustainable Management of the Transboundary Water Resources of the Amazon River Basin Considering Climate Variability and ChangeMulti Focal Area
9767RegionalUnited Nations Development ProgrammeFostering Multi-country Cooperation over Conjunctive Surface and Groundwater Management in the Bug and Neman Transboundary River Basins and the Underlying Aquifer SystemsInternational Waters
9766ChileUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeMainstreaming Conservation of Coastal Wetlands of Chile’s South Center Biodiversity Hotspot through Adaptive Management of Coastal Area EcosystemsMulti Focal Area
9764Burkina FasoUnited Nations Development ProgrammeIntegrated and Sustainable Management of PONASI Protected Area LandscapeMulti Focal Area
9760Congo DRThe World BankImproved Forested Landscape Management Project (GEF Additional Financing)Multi Focal Area
9759North MacedoniaUnited Nations Environment ProgrammePromoting Sustainable Land Management (SLM) Through Strengthening Legal and Institutional Framework, Capacity Building and Restoration of Most Vulnerable Mountain Landscapes Land Degradation
9752NiueUnited Nations Development ProgrammeAccelerating Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Applications in Niue (AREAN)Climate Change
9749ChinaThe World BankChina Distributed Renewable Energy Scale-up ProjectClimate Change
9743NigeriaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeDe-risking Sustainable Off-grid Lighting Solutions in NigeriaClimate Change
9742ChileDevelopment Bank of Latin AmericaSupporting the Chilean Low Emissions Transport Strategy CLETSClimate Change
9735AngolaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeCombating Illegal Wildlife Trade and Human Wildlife Conflict Biodiversity
9714NigeriaUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationImproving Nigeria's Industrial Energy Performance and Resource Efficient Cleaner Production through Programmatic Approaches and the Promotion of Innovation in Clean Technology SolutionsClimate Change
9683Congo DRUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationPromotion of Waste to Energy Options for Sustainable Urban Management in the Democratic Republic of the CongoClimate Change
9668MaldivesUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeEnhancing National Development through Environmentally Resilient Islands (ENDhERI)Biodiversity
9613MexicoUnited Nations Development ProgrammeMainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation Criteria in Mexico’s Tourism Sector with Emphasis on Biodiversity-rich Coastal EcosystemsBiodiversity
9606MadagascarConservation InternationalConservation and Sustainable Use of Biological Diversity in the Northwestern Landscape (Boeny region) Biodiversity
9604CameroonUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeRemoving Barriers to Biodiversity Conservation, Land Restoration and Sustainable Forest Management through Community-based Landscape Management – COBALAMMulti Focal Area
9601RegionalInter-American Development BankCReW+: An Integrated Approach to Water and Wastewater Management Using Innovative Solutions and Promoting Financing Mechanisms in the Wider Caribbean RegionMulti Focal Area
9600IndonesiaThe World BankStrengthening of Social Forestry in IndonesiaMulti Focal Area
9599DjiboutiUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSustainable Management of Water Resources, Rangelands and Agro-pastoral Perimeters in the Cheikhetti Wadi watershed of DjiboutiLand Degradation
9594RegionalInternational Union for Conservation of NatureStrengthening Trans-boundary Cooperation for Improved Ecosystem Management and Restoration in the Senegal delta (Mauritania and Senegal)International Waters
9589PanamaDevelopment Bank of Latin AmericaEcosystem-based Biodiversity Friendly Cattle Production Framework for the Darien Region of PanamaMulti Focal Area
9584PhilippinesUnited Nations Development ProgrammeIntegrated Approach in the Management of Major Biodiversity Corridors (IA-Biological Corridors)Multi Focal Area
9578ColombiaThe World BankSustainable Low Carbon Development in Colombia's Orinoquia RegionBiodiversity
9576South AfricaDevelopment Bank of Southern AfricaEnvironmentally Sound Management and Disposal of PolyChlorinated Biphenyls[PCBS] in the Republic of South AfricaChemicals and Waste
9575SudanThe World BankSudan Sustainable Natural Resources Management Project- Additional FinancingMulti Focal Area
9573LiberiaConservation InternationalConservation and Sustainable use of Liberia’s Coastal Natural CapitalMulti Focal Area
9571RegionalEuropean Bank for Reconstruction and DevelopmentPromoting Accelerated Uptake of Environmental Technologies and Promotion of Best Practices for Improved Water, Chemicals, and Waste Management in the Black Sea BasinMulti Focal Area
9566RegionalUnited Nations Development ProgrammeIntegrated Management of Water Resources of the Mira-Mataje and Carchi-Guaitara, Colombia–Ecuador Binational Basins International Waters
9565GuyanaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeStrengthening the Enabling Framework for Biodiversity Mainstreaming and Mercury Reduction in Small and Medium-scale Gold Mining Operations Multi Focal Area
9561Guinea-BissauUnited Nations Development ProgrammePromoting Better Access to Modern Energy Services through Sustainable Mini-grids and Low-carbon Bioenergy Technologies Among Guinea-Bissau’s Forest-dependent CommunitiesClimate Change
9558ThailandUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSixth Operational Phase of the GEF Small Grants Programme in ThailandMulti Focal Area
9554PhilippinesFood and Agriculture OrganizationEnhancing Biodiversity, Maintaining Ecosystem Flows, Enhancing Carbon Stocks through Sustainable Land Management and the Restoration of Degraded ForestlandsMulti Focal Area
9551South SudanUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeCapacity Development in Reducing Illegal Wildlife Trade and Improving Protected Area Management Effectiveness in South Sudan Biodiversity
9481UgandaUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeInstitutional Capacity Strengthening for Implementation of the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and Benefit Sharing in UgandaBiodiversity
9431SeychellesUnited Nations Development ProgrammeA Ridge-to-Reef Approach for the Integrated Management of Marine, Coastal and Terrestrial Ecosystems in the SeychellesMulti Focal Area
9426NamibiaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeNamibia Integrated Landscape Approach for Enhancing Livelihoods and Environmental Governance to Eradicate Poverty (NILALEG)Multi Focal Area
9425SudanUnited Nations Development ProgrammeStrengthened Protected Areas System and Integrated Ecosystem Management in SudanMulti Focal Area
9421RegionalUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeDemonstration of Non-thermal Treatment of DDT Wastes in Central Asia Chemicals and Waste
9412BrazilUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeEnvironmentally Sound Management (ESM) Of Lindane In BrazilChemicals and Waste
9405NigerUnited Nations Environment ProgrammeIntegrated Management of Oasis Ecosystems of Northern Niger (IMOE -NN)Multi Focal Area
9400TanzaniaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeSafeguarding Zanzibar’s Forest and Coastal Habitats for Multiple BenefitsMulti Focal Area
9372Sri LankaUnited Nations Development ProgrammeManaging Together: Integrating Community-centered, Ecosystem-based Approaches into Forestry, Agriculture and Tourism SectorsMulti Focal Area
9371RegionalWest African Development BankImpact Investment and Capacity Building in Support of Sustainable Waste Management to Reduce Emissions of Unintentional POPs (UPOPs) and Mercury in West AfricaMulti Focal Area
9368BangladeshUnited Nations Development ProgrammePromoting Low Carbon Urban Development in BangladeshClimate Change
9282EcuadorConservation InternationalSafeguarding Biodiversity in the Galapagos Islands by Enhancing Biosecurity and Creating the Enabling Environment for the Restoration of Galapagos Island Ecosystems.Biodiversity
9263Cote d'IvoireUnited Nations Industrial Development OrganizationSound Management of Unintentional Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and Polychlorinated Biphenyl Ether (PBDEs) to Reduce their Emission from the Industrial Waste SectorChemicals and Waste
9261MyanmarFood and Agriculture OrganizationMy-Coast: Ecosystem-Based Conservation of Myanmar’s Southern Coastal ZoneMulti Focal Area
9239IndonesiaInternational Fund for Agricultural DevelopmentIntegrated Management of Peatland Landscapes in Indonesia (IMPLI)Multi Focal Area

GEF Trust Fund/Multi Trust Fund Projects submitted under Programmatic Approaches (1)

GEF ID CountryGEF AgencyProject TitleFocal Areas
9768ChinaUnited Nations Development ProgrammePRC-GEF Partnership Program for Sustainable Agricultural DevelopmentMulti Focal Area