Focal Points

Contacts below are organized by country


Mr. Walter Schuldt

Political Focal Point since 2021-12-01
Director of Environment and Sustainable Development
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility
10 de Agosto E1-76
Quito 170526
Tel: +593 2 299 3200 Ext 11550
Email: wschuldt(AT); dads(AT)

Mrs. Maria Schuldt

Operational Focal Point since 2023-06-15
Environment, Water, and Ecological Transition Ministry
Madrid Avenue and Anda Lucia Street
Quito, Pichincha 170525
Tel: +593 2 398 7600 Ext 1205
Email: cooperacioninternacionalmaate[a t ]; maria.schuldt[a t ]


Mr. Mohamed El Gammal

Political Focal Point since 2023-09-11
Minister Plenipotentiary- Deputy Director
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Egypt
Kornish El Nile, Masipro
Cairo 11111
Tel: +25749842
Email: elgammal(a t ); t )

Eng. Ali Abo Sena

Operational Focal Point since 2021-09-13
Chief Executive Officer
Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency
30, Misr Helwan El-Zyrae Rd.
Cairo, Maadi 11728
Tel: +202 252 56445 / +202 252 56450
Fax: +202 252 56454
Email: ceo.eeaa(a t ); gefunitegypt(a t )

El Salvador

Mr. Fernando Andres Lopez Larreynaga

Political Focal Point since 2019-09-16
Minister of Environment and Natural Resources
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
KM. 5 1/2 Carretera a Santa Tecla, Calle y Colonia las Mercedes, (Instalaciones ISTA) Edificio MARN No. 2
San Salvador
El Salvador
Tel: +503 2132 9418
Email: fernandolopez(A T); despacho(A T)

Ms. Eva Maria Colorado Panameño

Operational Focal Point since 2022-09-07
Director of International Cooperation and Climate Change
Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources
Km 5 ½ Carretera a Santa Tecla, Calle y Colonia Las Mercedes, (Instalaciones ISTA) Edificion MARN No. 1
San Salvador
El Salvador
Tel: +503 2132 9680; +503 7634 8833
Email: eva.colorado(AT); gmenendez(AT)

Equatorial Guinea

H.E. Francisca Eneme Efua

Political Focal Point since 2020-10-07
Ministra Titular
Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganadería, Bosques y Medio Ambiente
Malabo 2
Equatorial Guinea
Tel: +240 222 240 450
Email: franciscaeneme[a t ]; bindageneme[a t ]

Mr. Antonio Micha Ondo Angue

Operational Focal Point since 2017-03-22
Director Nacional
Instituto Nacional para la Conservacion de Medio Ambiente
Ministerio Bosques y Medio Ambiente, Planta 3, Av. Malabo 2
Equatorial Guinea
Tel: +240 555 483 477
Email: ammicha025(A T); asunmiseng(A T)


Mr. Tesfai G. Selassie Sebhatu

Political Focal Point since 2021-02-16
The Minister
Ministry of Land, Water and Environment
Denden Street
Asmara 976
Tel: +291 1 126 112
Fax: +291 1 123285
Email: tesgsstesfu(AT)

Mr. Kibrom Asmerom Weldegebriel

Operational Focal Point since 2021-02-16
Acting DG- Dept of Environment
Ministry of Land, Water and Environment
Denden Street
Asmara 976
Tel: +291 1 120311
Fax: +291 1 126095
Email: kibromaw(A T)


Mr. Meelis Munt

Political Focal Point since 2016-05-23
Secretary General
Ministry of the Environment
Narva Mnt 7A
Tallinn, Harjumaa 15172
Tel: +372 626 0748
Fax: +372 626 2801
Email: meelis.munt[a t ]

Ms. Kerli Kiili

Operational Focal Point since 2021-04-07
Director General, International Affairs Department
Ministry of the Environment
Narva mnt 7a
Tallinn 15172
Tel: +372 626 2841
Fax: +372 626n2801
Email: kerli.kiili at


Ms. Khangeziwe Glory Mabuza

Operational Focal Point since 2022-04-22
Political Focal Point since 2022-04-22
Principal Secretary
Ministry of Tourism and Environmental Affairs
P.O. Box 2652
Mbabane H100
Tel: +268 24046632
Fax: +268 24046438
Email: khange[a t ]


Mr. Sandokan Debebe Jemaneh

Political Focal Point since 2023-04-10
State Minister
Ministry of Planning and Development
Sidist Kilo, Woreda 1, Gulele Sub-City
Addis Ababa 4472
Tel: +251111403071
Email: sandokan.ethioclimate at

Mr. Mensur Dessie Nuri

Operational Focal Point since 2023-04-10
Director, Multilateral Environmental Negotiation Coordination
Environmental Protection Authority
Arat Kilo, Arada Sub-City
Addis Ababa 12760
Tel: +251111704232
Email: mensurdes2012(at)