Focal Points

Contacts below are organized by country


Ambassador Aliioiga Feturi Elisaia

Political Focal Point since 2015-08-20
Samoa’s High Commissioner to Fiji
Independent State of Samoa
7 Sawau Street, Bayview Heights
Tel: +769-8081249
Email: elisaiafeturi(a t ); feturi(a t )

Ms. Frances Reupena

Operational Focal Point since 2021-04-12
Chief Executive Officer
Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Tel: +67200
Email: fran.reupena[a t ]

Sao Tome and Principe

Mr. Darnel Helio De Sousa Baia

Council Member for the constituency of Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Congo DR, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Sao Tome and Principe since 2023-02-16, Operational Focal Point
Operational Focal Point since 2023-02-16
Chemical Engineer
Directorate General for Environment and Climate Action
Avenida Kwamne Nkrumah Ponta Mina
Sao Tome 1023
Sao Tome and Principe
Email: darnelbaia(a t )

Mr. Adelino Afonso Fernandes Rosa Cardoso

Political Focal Point since 2023-07-26
Ministry for Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Environment
Avenida 12 de Julho
Sao Tome 130
Sao Tome and Principe
Tel: +239 9900159
Email: adecardoso1(at)


Mr. Baba Drame

Operational Focal Point since 2019-11-12
Directeur de l'Environnement et des Establissements classes
Ministere de l'Environnement et du Developpement Durable
Parc Forestier de Hann-B.P. 4055
Tel: +221 33 859 14 58 / +221 33 826 01 17 / +221 77 518 03 13
Email: babadrame(AT)


Ms. Irena Vujović

Political Focal Point since 2023-01-23
Ministry of Environmental Protection
2, Mihajla Pupina Blvd.
Belgrade 11070
Republic of Serbia
Tel: +381 11 3110271
Email: eko.kabinet(a t )

Ms. Sandra Dokić

Operational Focal Point since 2020-12-28
State Secretary
Ministry of Environmental Protection
2, Mihajla Pupina Blvd.
Belgrade 11070
Tel: +371 11 3110 895


Mr. Maurice Loustau-Lalanne

Political Focal Point since 2010-08-31
Principal Secretary
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Maison Queau de Quinssy Mont-Fleuri P.O.Box 656
Tel: + 248 282 500
Fax: 011 248 224 845
Email: mfapesey(A T)

Mr. Will Agricole

Operational Focal Point since 2022-06-20
Principal Secretary
Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change
Botanical Gardens Mt. Fleuri
Victoria, Mahe P. O. Box 445
Tel: +248 467 0500; 248 271 4419
Fax: 011 248 461 0468
Email: w.agricole(at); wagricole1957(at)

Sierra Leone

Dr. Gevao Bondi

Political Focal Point since 2020-06-08
Executive Chairman
Environment Protection Agency, Sierra Leone
21 Old Railway Line, Brookfields
Freetown, Western Area 232
Sierra Leone
Email: bondi.gevao[a t ]; gevaob[a t ]

Mr. Sheku Mark Kanneh

Operational Focal Point since 2020-03-23
Assistant Director, National Climate Change Secretariat
Environment Protection Agency Sierra Leone
C/O 21 Old Railway Line Brookfields
Freetown 232
Sierra Leone
Tel: +232 78 411851
Email: sheku.kanneh(a t ); shekkanneh(a t )

Slovak Republic

His Excellency Peter Ziga

Political Focal Point since 2012-06-29
Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic
Nam. L. Stura 1
Bratislava 81235

Mrs. Miroslava Hruskova

Operational Focal Point since 2012-06-29
Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic
Nam.L. Stura 1
Bratislava, Slovakia 81235
Tel: +421--314-300
Fax: +421-2-5956 2110
Email: mirka.hruskova(AT)


Ms. Barbara Knapič Navarrete

Operational Focal Point since 2022-03-23
Political Focal Point since 2022-03-23
Ministry of Finance
Zupančičeva 3
Ljubljana 1000
Tel: +386 1 3696681
Email: barbara.knapic[a t ]; natasa.anderlic[a t ]

Solomon Islands

Mr. Noel Martin Matea

Political Focal Point since 2021-08-17
Deputy Permanent Representative/Minister Counsellor
Solomon Islands Permanent Mission to the United Nations
685 Third Avenue 11th Floor, Suite 1105
New York, New York 10017
United State of America
Email: nmatea(a t )

Mr. Chanel Iroi

Operational Focal Point since 2013-10-02
Deputy Secretary
Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology
P.O.Box 21
Solomon Islands
Tel: + 677 20331/ 23031
Fax: + 677 28054
Email: c.iroi at


H.E. Ambassador Khadija Mohamed Almakhzoumi

Operational Focal Point since 2022-09-08
Political Focal Point since 2022-09-08
Ministry of Environment and Climate Change
Presidential Palace, OPM
Tel: +252 614 211 113
Email: minister(a t ); khadija.almakhzoumi(a t )

South Africa

Ms. Nomfundo Tshabalala

Political Focal Point since 2021-03-26
Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries
Private Bag X447
Pretoria 0001
South Africa
Tel: +27 12 339 9007
Email: dg[a t ]

Ms. Shakira Parker

Operational Focal Point since 2023-02-27
Senior Policy Advisor: International Governance Management
Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment
Private Bag X447
Pretoria 0001
South Africa
Tel: +27 12 339 9240
Email: sparker at

South Sudan

Mr. David Batali Oliver

Operational Focal Point since 2013-04-27
Director for Pollution Control
Ministry of Enviroment
South Sudan
Tel: + 211 955 181 821, + 211 912 902 891
Email: db_oliver(a t )


Mr. Ramón López Pérez

Council Member for the constituency of Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Spain since 2023-06-05, Political Focal Point
Operational Focal Point since 2023-06-05
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation
Madrid 28014
Tel: +34 916038173
Email: rlopez(a t )

Sri Lanka

Hon.Eng. Naseer Ahamed

Political Focal Point since 2022-11-18
Minister of Environment
Ministry of Environment
No. 416/C/1, Sobadam Piyasa, Robert Gunawardana Mawatha
Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 11 2034131
Fax: +94 11 2879954
Email: minister(AT)

Mr. B. K. Prabhath Chandrakeerthi

Operational Focal Point since 2024-01-04
Ministry of Environment
No. 416/c/1, Sobadam Piyasa, Robert Gunawardana Mawatha
Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 11 2034121/ +94 11 2034122
Fax: +94 11 2879944
Email: sec(AT); dirir(AT); kulanihw(AT)

St. Kitts And Nevis

Dr. Marcus Natta

Political Focal Point since 2023-10-10
Cabinet Secretary
Cabinet Secretariat
Government Headquarters
St, Kitts
Tel: +1 869 467 1167
Email: marcus.natta(at)

Mrs. Colincia Levine

Operational Focal Point since 2024-02-21
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Environment, Climate Action, and Constituency Empowerment
Unit C21 Sands Complex
Saint Kits and Nevis
Tel: +1 869 467 1178
Email: colincia.levine(a t )

St. Lucia

Ms. Anita Montoute

Political Focal Point since 2020-09-25
Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development
Georgianna Court Building, John Compton Highway
St. Lucia
Tel: +1 758 468 5840/ +1 758 717 1231
Email: anitamontoute.dsd(at)

Ms. Justin Samanthia

Operational Focal Point since 2019-12-30
Chief Technical Officer
Department of Sustainable Development -Ministry of Education
Georgiana Court, John Compton Highway
St. Lucia
Tel: +1 758 468 5850
Email: sajustin11(A T); sajustin(A T)

St. Vincent and Grenadines

Honourable Carlos James

Political Focal Point since 2023-08-11
Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Sustainable Development and Culture
2nd Floor, National Insurance Services Building, Upper Bay Street
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Tel: +784 457 1502
Email: tourism[a t ]; carlosjames[a t ]

Mrs. Janeel Miller-Findlay

Operational Focal Point since 2014-02-07
Director, Sustainable Development Unit
Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Sustainable Development & Culture
Administrative Complex, Bay Street
Kingstown ,VC0100
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Tel: +1784 485 6992
Email: janeel.miller(A T)


Mr. Galal Ahmed

Political Focal Point since 2022-03-07
Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning
Sudan Khartoum Alijama Street, P.O. Box 298
Khartoum 011
Tel: +249 183780675
Fax: +249 183780675
Email: galalomer(at)

Dr. Mona Ahmed

Operational Focal Point since 2022-08-24
Secretary General
Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources
P.O.Box 10488
Khartoum 11111
Tel: +249249 183784279
Email: hcenr2005 at


Mr. Marciano Dasai

Political Focal Point since 2023-09-08
Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment
Prins Hendrikstraat #22
Tel: +597 522020
Email: secmin(A T)

Ms. Vanuessa Gefferie

Operational Focal Point since 2023-09-08
Permanent Secretary for General and Financial Affairs
Ministry of Spatial Planning and Environment
Tel: +597 424076
Email: vanuessa.gefferie at; secdir.milieu at


Ms. Karin Seydlitz

Council Member for the constituency of Sweden since 2021-08-16, Political Focal Point
Deputy Director
Ministry for Foreign Affairs
Fredsgatan 8
Stockholm SE-103.39
Tel: +468 405 49 31
Email: karin.seydlitz at


Ms. Lucretia Landmann

Operational Focal Point since 2021-01-19
Senior Policy Advisor
Federal Office for the Environment
Bern CH-3003
Tel: +41 58 46 30208
Fax: + 41 58 463 03 49
Email: lucretia.landmann(a t )


Mr. Moutaz Douaji

Operational Focal Point since 2021-02-11
Deputy Minister
Ministry of Local Administration and Environment
P.O. Box 3773
Email: doumoutaz02[a t ]