Partner News

Title Date Source
Securing a safe haven for the Balkan lynx 06/13/2018 UN Environment
MDB Climate Finance Hit Record High of US$35.2 billion in 2017 06/13/2018 World Bank
Rehabilitating lives in Tanzania 06/11/2018 GEF SGP
In Seychelles, an innovative approach to marine protection 06/08/2018 UN Environment
Somali Government Signs up to Western Indian Ocean Ecosystem Initiative 06/08/2018 UNDP
Quantum increases in private capital essential if global climate goals are to be achieved 05/31/2018 Global Landscapes Forum
African Development Bank takes landmark lead on formation of Africa Financial Alliance for Climate Change 05/25/2018 AfDB
WRI receives $2 million grant from GEF to accelerate building efficiency 05/24/2018 WRI
Sprint to 2020: Accelerating Action to Save Our Forests 05/18/2018 TFA 2020
Africa’s Answer to Climate and Weather Challenges: The Africa Hydromet Program 05/16/2018 World Bank
Urgency Underlined as Bonn Climate Talks Close 05/10/2018 UNFCCC
FAO kicks off project aimed at tackling land degradation in Ukraine 05/10/2018 FAO
2018 Global Youth Climate Video Competition Open for Applications 05/08/2018 UNFCCC
“When it rains, my heart sinks”: Climate change takes a toll in Uganda 05/08/2018 UN Environment
In Rwanda, a sweet alternative to deforestation 05/02/2018 UN Environment
Meeting in Thailand promotes integration for sustainability 04/24/2018 UNIDO
Business in Key Biodiversity Areas: minimising the risk to nature 04/17/2018 IUCN
Shepherding back our biodiversity 04/10/2018 UN Environment
Up for grabs: How can we use our land sustainably? 04/10/2018 UN Environment
World Bank Board Approves West Africa Coastal Areas (WACA) Resilience Investment Project 04/09/2018 World Bank
Our water, our future 03/27/2018 UNEP
Weather Ready – Climate Smart: Leveraging next-generation technologies, the Government of Liberia taps the private sector to build effective climate information and early warning systems 03/23/2018 UNDP
New Adaptation Fund Board Chair: ‘Fund’s Effective Work Changing Lives of Vulnerable Populations at Local Level’ 03/22/2018 Adaptation Fund
Scaling up UNIDO´s e-waste management cooperation 03/20/2018 UNIDO
Why forests should take centre stage during the water decade 03/20/2018 UNDP