Our Ocean Conference 2018 was held in Bali this week to further global action on maintaining the sustainability of our oceans. Photo: Wonderful Nature/Shutterstock.

From political will to financial commitments: six stories illustrate the Our Ocean 2018 Conference in action

Our actions today have never had a bigger impact on our future than they do now. Under this premise the Our Ocean Conference 2018 was held in Bali this week to further global action on maintaining the sustainability of our oceans. Millions of people depend on ocean for their lives and livelihoods.…
Aerial view of coastal area in Seychelles with turquoise water on left and beach on right. Photo: Jag_cz/Shutterstock.

From decline to recovery: a rescue package for the ocean

Our relationship with the ocean is at a crossroads. The decisions we take in the next five years will determine our future, our security, our very existence. They will make or break whole economies and dictate how and where we live. And there will be many more losers than winners should we ignore…
Close shot of garbage on an empty beach. Photo: wonderisland/Shutterstock.

From local to global action, saving the ocean requires re-thinking our relationship with single-use plastic

You might care about the 100,000 marine mammals that die annually from plastic and you may be one of the 25 million viewers of the infamous straw-up-the-sea turtle nose video. Or it may simply be that you don’t want to eat and drink plastic, swim in trash or witness more shoreline devastation from…

Reversing the ocean’s accelerating decline

The ocean has shaped my life, from my beginnings in the outer islands of Fiji to my appointment last year as the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy for the ocean. Like millions of others before me who have taken sustenance and succour from Neptune’s world, I know there is so much for which we…
Under and above water photo of small island in Seychelles. Photo: BlueOrange Studio/Shutterstock.

Innovation drives Seychelles blue economy approach

Our oceans provide everything from food for billions around the world, to protecting communities and economies from storms—bringing it at least $1.5 trillion to the global economy every year. But they also face a barrage of threats, from marine pollution and dwindling fish stocks, to the dramatic…
Dr. Fridtjof Nansen ship side view at sea. Photo: FAO.

State-of-the art oceanic research ship will support LME conservation and management

In 2017, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and Norway launched a new, state-of-the-art marine studies vessel, among the most advanced of its kind. Its mission: To investigate some of the planet's least-explored ocean using cutting-edge technology and sophisticated equipment to help…
An invasive lionfish

When life gives you lionfish: Innovation in fighting invasive species in the Caribbean

Seeing a lionfish while diving in the Caribbean is a cause for mixed emotions. On the one hand, one marvels at the exquisite beauty of the fishes’ flowery fins and its amazing adaptability to a range of habitats, from shallow estuaries with low salinity to deep reef environments. But then you…
Lemon shark pup in mangroves, Bahamas

Why coastal ecosystems protection is on our to-do list

More than a thousand years ago, the Vikings lived and died by the sea while often taking to the oceans in specially designed wooden ships and sailing for the unknown. They dreamt of plunder, stories to entertain the long winter nights, and not least of new trading posts and farm-land, far…

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