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Engaging with the private sector for greater impact

Since the landmark Paris Agreement of 2015, there has been a dramatic increase in private sector interest and action related to climate change. In just five years, hundreds of companies have set targets to reach net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 and have outlined science-informed plans to…
Reflections of nature in an office building

We should prepare for future shocks post COVID-19

Businesses that integrate sustainability are more resilient As chief executive of a firm that has for 50 years helped the world’s leading organizations navigate sustainability challenges, I am often asked how companies should prepare for a next crisis such as COVID-19 or other future shocks. The…
Modern sustainable neighborhood in Almere, The Netherlands. The city heating in the district is partially powered by a solar panel island. Aerial view.

The world needs a circular economy. Help us make it happen

The circular economy could be a $4.5 trillion business opportunity. Only 9% of the global economy is circular at present. The Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy is helping to speed this transition. As policy-makers worldwide respond to a rising tide of climate activism and extreme…
Cargo ships entering one of the busiest ports in the world, Singapore.

The next challenge for business: adapting to climate change

The private sector must begin preparing for climate change and the ensuing disruption to operations and services with new approaches The future success of the private sector may not only depend on how successfully it can mitigate, but also on how it can adapt to climate change. Extreme weather…
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Producing sustainable food is every company's business

Businesses of all kinds must be prepared to help re-imagine the world’s food system, which is not fit for purpose Are you reading this with a cup of coffee, a piece of chocolate or maybe even a protein bar with nuts and puffed rice?  There is a good chance that the coffee beans, cocoa, nuts or rice…
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Sustainable development in Asia: seeing both the forests and the trees

As the continent comes to dominate the global economy, it will do much to determine the fate of the global commons As a young Asian business leader, it is fascinating to be part of an important transformation – the rise of Asia in the global economy.  Next year is expected to mark the tipping point…
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We need a new approach to growing and consuming food

Food wastage must be reduced, consumer preferences must change and farmers must be weaned on to ecologically sustainable practices From consumers in London to drought-prone farmers in central India, nobody needs convincing that climate is changing for the worse. But policymakers are failing to…
Tuna amongst prey. Photo: J'nel/Shutterstock.

Needed: an ecosystem of partners to support ocean health

Global co-operation, with businesses playing a critical role, is needed to transform the seafood industry It is estimated that approximately three billion people around the world rely on seafood for their primary source of protein, making flourishing oceans an integral part of the global commons…
Woman using a microscope. Photo: Tong Nawarit/Shutterstock.

Business should ensure the well-being of people and the planet

Innovation, sustainability and the efficient use of capital are mutually reinforcing More and more private companies are incorporating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into their operating strategies and using them as business opportunities. Approved by the UN General…
A shallow seagrass meadow surrounds a tropical island on the Mesoamerican barrier reef off the coast of Belize. Photo: Ethan Daniels/Shutterstock.

Three steps to meeting the climate and nature emergency

We must make the most of a super-year in 2020 for saving the global commons next year There are growing calls to declare climate and nature emergencies. But are these justified? The latest scientific assessments on the state of Earth’s climate and biodiversity provide robust evidence.  The latest…

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