Solar panels on roof with mountain and valley landscape in background

Connected technology is accelerating the green revolution

Alignment between policy, finance, and technology is spurring a rapid shift to a new kind of economic development We can resolve the major impact that our energy and transport systems make on the climate. A really big shift is on its way as the expansions of renewable energy, storage, electric…
Panoramic shot of Machu Picchu

'We want to make Machu Picchu the first carbon neutral Wonder of the World'

José Koechlin, founder and chief executive of Inkaterra, explains how his pioneering business model benefits everything from Machu Picchu to fans of Paddington Bear Tourism is not only a source of inspiration; it’s a human right. We need to travel, to move, to experience the diversity of culture…
Under and above the water in Indonesia

The post-COVID environmental changes to aim for

“Normal” was destroying our health and prosperity. We cannot afford to return to it after COVID-19 It has been almost a year since COVID-19 began to emerge. We are learning how to contain the virus better and good progress is being made on vaccines. And while many countries continue to face long…
Glasgow cathedral and surrounding skyline

Welcome to the green industrial revolution

Laurence Tubiana, CEO, European Climate Foundation, was one of the architects of the successful Paris climate summit in 2015. Here, she calls on Britain to deliver a similar breakthrough next year In a year's time, the UK will see its most important diplomatic meeting since London hosted the NATO…
Flock of sheep pasturing under solar panels

Why it is smart to invest in the planet

Reducing carbon emissions and protecting biodiversity makes companies more resilient to shocks, more relevant to society and more valuable to investors Early last month, NextEra Energy, a renewable energy company based in Florida, became more valuable than Exxon Mobil. Only 12 years ago the oil…
Vacaresti Nature Park in Bucharest, Romania

Why nature is our best ally for a post-COVID recovery

Investments that protect and restore nature can deliver good economic returns and employment benefits National leaders are increasingly promising a green industrial revolution to drive their economies' post-COVID recovery. They are right in believing we cannot go back to our bad old ways. But…
Aerial view of the Pantanal wetlands in Brazil

Reversing nature's loss: business's next frontier

Protecting the global commons is not only the right thing to do – it improves the bottom line as well In the middle of the COVID-19 crisis, companies are increasingly committing themselves to helping to stabilize the Earth’s climate. It is encouraging to see these commitments coming in thick and…
Streets of Jakarta, Indonesia, during coronavirus lockdown

Time to double down to reach net zero

There is everything to play for through reducing carbon emissions as the world emerges from the COVID-19 recession In the early weeks of this year, before all our lives were turned upside down by COVID-19, the International Energy Agency announced that global carbon dioxide emissions had flatlined…
Water falling onto hands from a tap

Let's not wash our hands of water security

The post-coronavirus recovery will offer a chance to improve water security for the world's neediest people Access to clean water for washing hands has been the first line of defense during the COVID-19 pandemic. This has made water security a renewed priority for development assistance and for…
Colorful autumn sunrise in the Carpathian mountains. Krasna ridge, Ukraine, Europe.

From the pandemic to a zero-carbon economy

Global crises reqiure exceptional leadership to shift old systems into new ones Even before COVID-19 struck, we were entering the most important decade yet for humankind. Now, eight months into it, business and government leaders stand at a crossroads, as they choose how to rebuild economies and…

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