Photo collage: elephant, pangolin scales, orangutan

What to watch on World Wildlife Day 2020

Today is World Wildlife Day. Around the world many GEF partners, from UN Environment Programme, and World Wildlife Fund to the World Bank are sharing stories, raising awareness, and encouraging action around the WWD 2020 theme of Sustaining all life on Earth. This year is especially important. 2020…
Honey bee on a flower. Photo: Zoran Kompar Photography/Shutterstock.

Celebrating biodiversity in all corners of the world

The recent IPBES Global Assessment Report revealed that around one million animal and plant species are threatened with extinction, many within decades. Turning this situation around will take time, money, and collective efforts at many levels. Since 1993, when the Convention on Biological…
The people living on the mountain are the poorest of the poor and the unluckiest of the unlucky - losing children, homes and crops to the conflict and lacking schools and medical clinics. These women, having seen years of fighting, were not willing to give up. Photo: <a href=\"\">Jen Guyton</a>.

Are you here to plant trees or help people?

How Gorongosa National Park is using agriculture to protect biodiversity and lift people out of poverty Imagine trying to convince a group of poor farmers who don’t know you to plant a crop that they’ve never heard of, has no nutritional value, and takes three years to start producing. After…
African elephant herd drinking together at watering hole. Photo: Villiers Steyn/Shutterstock.

Ensuring a world where elephants aren't the next dinosaurs

On August 12, we celebrate World Elephant Day to raise awareness on the plight of the world’s elephant population. This is an important day for me, as the Program Manager of the Global Wildlife Program (GWP) that started two years ago to combat illegal wildlife trade across 19 countries in…
Expedition truck with tourists viewing nearby elephants. Photo: THPStock/Shutterstock.

Leveraging PPPs in Mozambique to scale conservation and promote economic development

Over the last few decades, Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs) have been used to build transportation, energy, telecommunications, and other infrastructure throughout the world. Value chains were established to foster growth in these sectors and significant experiences gained. A sector largely…
Elephant in Gorongosa National Park. Photo: Sarah Wyatt/GEF.

Elephants hate kale and other lessons in bringing conservation and development together

When I try to explain the importance of the GEF when it comes to protecting the world’s biodiversity, I end up with two main arguments. First, biodiversity is not evenly distributed across the planet. And second, most of the places with the highest biodiversity are also the home of very poor people…
Elephant in Gorongosa National Park. Photo: Sarah Wyatt/GEF.

Como os elefantes detestam couves e outras lições para integrar conservação e desenvolvimento

Quando tento explicar a importância do Fundo para o Meio Ambiente Mundial (GEF) na protecção da biodiversidade, falo de dois dados fundamentais. O primeiro é a distribuição desigual da biodiversidade no nosso planeta e, o segundo, a maioria dos lugares com maior biodiversidade está situada onde a…

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