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Plastics and the circular economy

Plastics are one of the world’s greatest industrial innovations, but the sheer scale of their production and poor disposal practices are resulting in growing negative effects on human health and the environment, including on climate change, marine pollution, biodiversity, and chemical contamination…

Marine Biodiversity and Wetlands Conservation in Viet Nam - Experiences from GEF small projects

This paper of lessons learnt depicts results gathered from several GEF SGP funded projects on marine and wetlands ecosystem conservation implemented in localities in Viet Nam.
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PEMSEA: Solutions for Sustainable Seas

Partnerships in Environmental Management East Asia to foster and sustain healthy and for the Seas of East Asia, or PEMSEA, is an resilient oceans, coasts, communities and intergovernmental organization operating in economies across the region. For almost 25 years PEMSEA has supported its partners…

The GloBallast Story: Reflections from a Global Family

Shipping is a great connector between continents, countries and cities—about 80 percent of international trade relies on shipping. However, global shipping is also a significant source of the spread of invasive alien species when ship’s ballast water is not managed properly. Invasive alien species…

Sea, My Life: Protecting Oceans, Sustaining our Future

A voyage to UNDP-supported marine protected areas around the world In the turquoise seas of the western Indian Ocean, a coelacanth drifts slowly and deliberately through underwater caves hidden deep beneath the volcanic islands of the Comoros archipelago. These enigmatic prehistoric fishes — once…

Making Waves: Community Solutions, Sustainable Oceans

“The struggle of poor and vulnerable communities against poverty, biodiversity depletion, environmental degradation, climate change devastation and poor governance may be slow and protracted, but their local solutions and innovations guarantee the future of the present and the next generation […]…

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