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Chemicals and Waste

The Global Environment Facility is charged with financing the elimination of the most harmful chemicals, which are covered by the Stockholm Convention, the Minamata Convention, and the Montreal Protocol. The GEF also supports the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM), the…
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planetGOLD 2020/2021 Annual Progress Report

This report provides an overview of the progress made by the GEF-funded and UNEP-led planetGOLD program from July 2020 through June 2021, and reviews advances made toward closing financing gaps, supporting formalization of the sector, and connecting miners with mercury-free technology and formal…

planetGOLD 2019/2020 Annual Progress Report

The mission of the planetGOLD program is to make small-scale gold mining safer, cleaner, and more profitable from mine to market—by closing the financing gap, supporting formalization, and connecting miners with mercury-free technology and formal markets. The 2019/2020 Annual Progress Report…

Delivering Transformational Change: The Journey of the Global Environment Facility

Delivering Transformational Change: The Journey of the Global Environment Facility looks back over the two terms of CEO and Chairperson Naoko Ishii. It also looks forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead. Over the last eight years, the GEF has focused on drivers, or root causes, of…
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planetGOLD: Making a world of difference in small-scale gold mining

The planetGOLD program works in partnership with governments, the private sector, and artisanal and small-scale gold mining (ASGM) communities in nine countries to significantly improve the production practices and work environment of artisanal and small-scale miners. By working to close the…

Mission to Minamata

How the GEF is helping reduce and eliminate mercury from the global environment.

Mercury and the GEF

During its fifth phase, GEF developed a strategy to support and inform the negotiations for the global mercury agreement that funded mercury projects and programs. The projects helped to advance the development of the global mercury instrument and improve the ability of countries to implement the…

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