Delivering Transformational Change: The Journey of the Global Environment Facility

Delivering Transformational Change: The Journey of the Global Environment Facility looks back over the two terms of CEO and Chairperson Naoko Ishii. It also looks forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead. Over the last eight years, the GEF has focused on drivers, or root causes, of…

Safeguarding the Global Commons

All life on Earth depends on clean air and water, biodiversity, and healthy forests, land, oceans and a stable climate. These global commons—the ecosystems, biomes and processes that regulate the stability and resilience of the Earth system—are the very foundation of our global economy and modern…

Novel Entities and the GEF

The Global Environment Facility (GEF) needs to be aware of the opportunities and potential benefits that new entities and technologies can offer in delivering global environmental benefits and should be mindful of the potential for new entities to become major global environmental problems. This…

Integration: to solve complex environmental problems

Environmental challenges are complex and interlinked, not only in themselves but also with social and economic issues. Better human well-being, for example, poverty reduction, improved human health, energy access and economic growth, are linked to ecological factors. Solutions for one problem can…
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UN Environment Our Planet Magazine (September 2017) - The Global Environment Facility issue

"The Global Environment Facility: Delivering solutions for a sustainable future," is the September 2017 issue of UN Environment's "Our Planet" magazine. The magazine was launched at the GEF-7 2nd replenishment meeting that took place in October 2017, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.   TABLE OF CONTENTS…

Voices of Impact: Speaking for the Global Commons

Storytelling is part of the fabric that holds human societies together – stories connect us to our humanity, providing links to what has been, and a glimpse of what might be to come. Spanning all 25 years of UNDP’s partnership with the GEF, the stories in this anniversary publication represent a…

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