Cover of publication "Good Practice Brief: Protecting Biodiversity by Respecting Rights"

Good Practice Brief: Protecting Biodiversity by Respecting Rights

The Philippines, an archipelago of numerous islands and many ethnolinguistic groups, is a tapestry of cultural diversity and unique ecosystems. The country harbors 20 percent of known plant and animal species, making it critically important to global environmental benefits. Yet, between the 1930s…
Cover image for publication "Raising Forest Voices: SGP Community-based REDD+ Initiative"

Raising Forest Voices: SGP Community-based REDD+ Initiative

This publication from the GEF Small Grants Programme summarizes the experiences and lessons learned from six participating community-based REDD+ (CBR+) countries during the pilot phase (Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Panama, Paraguay, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia). A case study from each country…
Cover image for publication "Community-based Climate Solutions for Sustainable Development"

Community-based Climate Solutions for Sustainable Development

This publication provides an overview of initiatives under the GEF Small Grants Programme's (SGP) climate change portfolio which fall under the following thematic areas: Renewable energy access for improved livelihoods Forest conservation for carbon storage and livelihoods Civil society…

Communities Conserving Wildlife

This publication provides a valuable account of how participation of local communities in the conservation of threatened species yields positive environmental and socio-economic results. Our planet is undergoing another mass extinction due to reasons widely known, including human activities such as…
Cover image for SGP publication Small Grants Programme: 25 Years of Engagement with Indigenous Peoples

Small Grants Programme: 25 Years of Engagement with Indigenous Peoples

As one of the early pioneers working with indigenous peoples, the experience of the Small Grants Programme (SGP), funded mainly by the Global Environment Facility and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has been repeatedly recognized as one of the “primary modalities of…

Making Waves: Community Solutions, Sustainable Oceans

“The struggle of poor and vulnerable communities against poverty, biodiversity depletion, environmental degradation, climate change devastation and poor governance may be slow and protracted, but their local solutions and innovations guarantee the future of the present and the next generation […]…
Indigenous Peoples

User Guide: Indigenous Peoples and GEF Project Financing

Indigenous Peoples’ traditional knowledge and ecosystem management practices are recognized by the GEF as highly relevant for protection of the global environmental commons, environmental management, sustainable development, and increased resilience. The GEF sees Indigenous Peoples as distinct…

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