Roundabout in the middle of a forest in Belgium. Circular road surrounded by trees

To build a resilient world, we must go circular. Here's how to do it

The best way to build resilience against future pandemics and the impact of climate change is to move to a circular economy. Doing so could address 45% of global greenhouse gas emissions and provide a $4.5 trillion economic opportunity. Here, the co-chairs of the Platform for Accelerating the…
Modern sustainable neighborhood in Almere, The Netherlands. The city heating in the district is partially powered by a solar panel island. Aerial view.

The world needs a circular economy. Help us make it happen

The circular economy could be a $4.5 trillion business opportunity. Only 9% of the global economy is circular at present. The Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy is helping to speed this transition. As policy-makers worldwide respond to a rising tide of climate activism and extreme…
Man looking at piles of rubbish at a landfill. Photo: Comaniciu Dan/Shutterstock.

Going circular offers a great opportunity

Combating climate change and the throwaway economy could achieve a leap in prosperity In the past few months, I have heard Sir David Attenborough, and believe him when he says the next 10 years are make-or-break time for environmental stability on this planet. I have heard Greta Thunberg, and share…

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