Person spraying disinfectant on cow farm

How can we avoid another pandemic?

There are three steps governments must take to demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding global commons and reducing the risk of cascading catastrophes. It cannot be hammered home too often: the root cause of the COVID-19 pandemic is the unsustainable world that we have built. It is a world in…
Earth from space

Earth system alert

In response to growing public demand, policymakers and business leaders are increasingly uniting around shared commitments to reduce planet-warming greenhouse-gas emissions. But while phasing out fossil fuels is necessary, ensuring humanity's long-term survival will also require far-reaching…
A shallow seagrass meadow surrounds a tropical island on the Mesoamerican barrier reef off the coast of Belize. Photo: Ethan Daniels/Shutterstock.

Three steps to meeting the climate and nature emergency

We must make the most of a super-year in 2020 for saving the global commons next year There are growing calls to declare climate and nature emergencies. But are these justified? The latest scientific assessments on the state of Earth’s climate and biodiversity provide robust evidence.  The latest…

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